Portus Time Savings

“Our team of 12 buyers saves a significant one to two hours every day using Portus. I often wish all our software suppliers were as cooperative and understanding of our needs as Portus. For instance, job order costing used to consume up to three hours of our cost accountant’s time to gather all the data. Now, it takes a mere 10 seconds to present that data. The sales forecasting modules and revenue realization are truly remarkable. They help us bridge the gap easily, providing data from various resources in visual and tabular formats. I joined the company with Portus already in place, having spent over 30 years in the materials supply chain business. It’s an incredible tool and a significant time-saver, not just for me but for our purchasing managers as well.”

“What’s particularly fantastic about Portus is that it eliminates the need for any manual formatting. In the past, we had to gather information manually, which was then transformed into a neatly organized report. This report not only saves us time but also allows us to perform additional in-depth analysis. It’s a substantial improvement over our previous ERP system, where obtaining data was time-consuming and not as organized. With Portus, we not only receive data in a much more user-friendly format, but it’s also in real-time.”

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