MRP Simulation

What makes Portus truly special is our ability to integrate algorithmic-intensive simulations with traditional drill down reporting and analytics. Our MRP simulation module allows customers to run comprehensive supply/demand netting scenarios in a matter of seconds enabling advanced analytics functions that are not available in MRP processes native to ERP platforms.

With the Portus MRP Simulation Module, Your Business Gains:

  1. Real time comprehensive MRP netting analysis on any part or demand signal without using lengthy batch MRP processes native to their ERP platform
  2. Available to Promise analytics on any actual or theoretical demand signal
  3. Clear-to-Build and gating item analytics on actual or theoretical demand signals
  4. Full demand and/or supply What-if Scenarios with side by side comparisons.
  5. Purchase order reschedule (push, pull, cancel) analytics
  6. Excess on hand and excess on order analytics
  7. Actual cost based spending and gross margin analytics and projections for all or individual demand signals

Portus offers all of this MRP simulation functionality as part of an integrated system with continuous drill down into real time analytics of the ERP database.

Portus MRP Simulation