Portus for NetSuite

Portus for NetSuite

NetSuite® is a pioneer in the cloud-based ERP market. Today, it is the most recognized cloud-based ERP platform with the largest installed base and a growing customer base in the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturers love the ability to have a powerful ERP system without the need to invest in servers, network equipment and support personnel needed for traditional on-premise solutions. As great as those benefits are, moving to a cloud-based ERP provider often adds to the challenge of having robust business intelligence solutions. With the data not conveniently located in your own network, it is harder to deploy custom-fit business intelligence solutions on top of NetSuite.

That’s where Portus comes in.

Portus Customer Satisfaction
“Portus allows our Supply Chain professionals to fully understand supply/demand dynamics thereby optimizing just-in-time supply, inventory levels and on time delivery to customers.”
Michael Delantoni, Supply Chain Projection Coordinator
Velodyne Lidar, Inc.
Portus Solves the Distance to Data Problem for NetSuite Users

Solving the “Distance to Data” Problem

The Portus platform has a customized connector to the customer’s NetSuite data in the cloud. Using this connector, Portus can connect real time to your NetSuite data and provide advanced reporting and analytics over an easy to use browser client to users.

Report and analytics spanning financial, operations, supply chain and sales dynamics with continuous drill down into more levels of detail are available to customers immediately after adding the Portus solution.

Proprietary Portus MRP Engine Seamlessly Integrates with your NetSuite Data

Manufacturers who use NetSuite may find certain elements in the standard MRP solution limited and may in general want to stray from the normal supply demand algorithm in NetSuite to better match the dynamics in their business.

With the Portus MRP Engine, NetSuite users can decouple their Supply/Demand netting process from their core NetSuite ERP functions.

Portus is tuned to match the NetSuite MRP output, but once this tuning is confirmed by the customer, we can begin straying from the core NetSuite algorithm as needed by the customer. This capability is powerfully enhanced by “What-If” functionality allowing users to analyze multiple supply and demand scenarios without running MRP in NetSuite.

Portus MRP Engine seamlessly integrates with your NetSuite Data
Data Warehousing Takes Analytics to the Next Level

Data Warehousing Takes Analytics to the Next Level

Having a live link to the NetSuite data in the cloud is powerful, but to take analysis to the next level, the Portus platform is outfitted with a robust and comprehensive data warehousing solution. Using this solution, snap shots of key data elements are taken on a regular basis and securely saved in an optimized database in the Portus cloud.

The Portus system then accesses this snapshot data to allow for lightning fast reporting and analysis on dynamics that do not need to be analyzed real time and to compare changes over time which would normally not be possible by accessing a live NetSuite data.

NetSuite Customer Testimonial

Hear from Mike Delantoni about how his company benefits from Portus connected to their NetSuite deployment:

  • Supply chain reporting
  • Time-saving information for buyers
  • Manufacturing-focused reports
  • Responsive customer support
  • Comprehensive demo and discovery

See How Portus Can Be A Game-Changer for Your Business.

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