Portus Domain Expertise in Manufacturing

“Portus thoroughly understands all our discussions, especially when it comes to customization. They have a deep understanding of how data flows through the manufacturing environment, from quoting to sales to jobs, inventory, purchase orders, shipping, and the entire product lifecycle, including the financial side.”

“With Portus, there’s no need for any manual formatting — a fantastic feature. In the past, we had to gather information manually, which was then transformed into a neatly organized report. This report not only saves us time but also allows us to perform additional in-depth analysis. It’s a significant improvement over our previous ERP system, where obtaining data was time-consuming and less organized. Portus not only provides data in a much more user-friendly format but also delivers it in real-time.”

“Bill, the expert behind Portus, understands our business inside out. He’s a remarkable individual with a deep background in manufacturing and finance, capable of bringing innovative solutions to the table. I can describe our needs at a high level, and Bill already knows how to turn those ideas into reality. If I were working with any other company, I’d have to invest much more effort, but thanks to Bill’s expertise, it’s a massive benefit for me.”

“Portus has an extensive background in manufacturing, as evident in the various reports they offer. For instance, the push-pull cancel report, a critically missing piece in Netsuite out of the box, is seamlessly handled by Portus. Even the intricate task of new buyer signal-based lead time allocation, something ERP packages typically lack, is well-addressed by Portus.”

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