Customer Success Stories

Portus Customer Success Stories

Case Studies

Portus customers tell a consistent story. They each find the product to be easy to use, seamless to deploy, and incredibly impactful on the bottom line.

Check out the customer success stories below, each highlighting different industries and different ERP platforms, all deriving great value from their investment in Portus:

Unigen Corporation

Industry: Electronics, OEM, ODM and CM
Customer Since: 2011
ERP Platform: Oracle® EBS

Portus for Oracle E-Business Suite Success Stories

Velodyne Lidar

Industry: Autonomous Transportation
Customer Since: 2018
ERP Platform: NetSuite®

Portus for NetSuite Success Stories

Helicomb International, Inc.

Industry: Aviation Equipment
Customer Since: 2014
ERP Platform: Made2Manage®

Altierre, Inc.

Industry: Internet of Things, RFID Systems
Customer Since: 2018
ERP Platform: Expandable™ ERP

Expandable ERP for Growing Manufacturers