Portus for Expandable ERP

Expandable ERP for Growing Manufacturers

With real-time connections to transactional data in Expandable™ ERP, Portus provides immediate access to powerful views that illuminate all facets of the business.

From generating key performance indicators to comparing current materials pricing from major electronics vendors, Portus provides the means to monitor business performance while lowering costs of production.

Customer Testimonial
“A big factor in the success and ROI of our Expandable ERP implementation can be attributed to Portus.”
Kethes Srikanthan, Director Finance (Operations)
Altierre, Inc.

Perfect for Growing Companies

With its no-risk, pay-as-you-go model, Portus is ideal for expanding companies needing cost-effective analytics and reporting to help control the business, improve productivity, and maximize shareholder value.

Hundreds of interactive, drill down reports are available immediately after installation, providing valuable insight to navigate each phase of the growth cycle.

Perfect Solution for Growing Companies
Expandable ERP

Harvest Your Expandable Data

Your investment in Expandable ERP brings order and control to your operation with all business transactions recorded using auditable, standards-compliant logic.

With Portus, your ERP investment delivers an even larger return as you leverage your data into more informed decisions, improved business processes, and better market intelligence.

See How Portus Can Be A Game-Changer for Your Business.

The best way to see how Portus can help you make better business decisions and grow your business is to see Portus in action. We can show you in less than an hour from the comfort of your office via GoToMeeting.