ERP Integration

Seamless Integration with Leading ERP Solutions

Portus is designed with an advanced data acquisition layer that allows the application to tap into all of your key business systems and bring that information into one unified platform.

The focus of most of our functionality is the data in your ERP system but we also seamlessly integrate data from your Manufacturing Execution System, Product Lifecycle Management System, Customer Relationship Management System and other internal systems where you store important information.

Portus Reports and Analysis Available Anytime and Anywhere

Reports and Analysis Anytime, Anywhere

Portus takes transactional data from your ERP system and presents it in easy-to-understand and easy-to-use web pages. All you need to get to Portus is a Web browser which makes our application very easy to deploy to everyone in your organization.

Plug and Play

Using Portus requires no additional skills or software. It is truly plug and play; plug in your data source and out pops a full featured business intelligence solution – reports, analytics and search capabilities that you need. All interactive with drill-downs.

Our vision resulted in a self-contained application that enables access to the information manufacturers need to make faster (and better) decisions, get tactical insights across key areas, and do a great job managing their business.

Portus Makes your Data Sources Plug and Play