Review of Portus by Mike Delantoni of a Publicly Traded OEM

Portus is the solution that addresses the specific challenges faced within NetSuite’s supply chain. It’s the answer to the pressing questions that supply chain professionals encounter.

A team of 12 buyers is now saving one to two hours daily, all thanks to Portus. It’s a game-changer that we wish all software suppliers could emulate, as Portus deeply understands our needs and collaborates closely with us. Their extensive manufacturing background is evident in the range of reports they offer. For example, they handle the critical missing piece in NetSuite out of the box: the push-pull cancel report. They also excel at the complex task of new buyer signal-based lead time allocation, which is typically lacking in ERP packages.

During demonstrations, Portus doesn’t rush the process. They meticulously address every detail and respond to every question, allowing the customer to steer the conversation. Portus is well-prepared for this dialogue, ensuring a tailored solution that perfectly meets our needs.

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