Customers Say Portus Is a Real Game Changer for Their Business

Imagine a tool like Portus, operating right at the heart of your data, delivering lightning-fast access to the freshest information without any extra costs. With Portus, there’s no need to worry about extra fees—it’s all covered under a simple location license. Whether you have 1 station or 15, Portus keeps things moving at remarkable speed.

What makes Portus truly special is how it simplifies everything. Need to export data to Excel? It’s a breeze. Slicing, dicing, and analyzing data? Much quicker than doing it the old-fashioned way. No more switching screens back and forth in your PRP system either. Portus is web-based and connects reports seamlessly through web links. You’ll find everything you need, from sales orders to job orders and inventory locations, all on one screen. And when you want to dive deeper, it’s as easy as using the back arrow in your web browser.

The best part? Portus integrates like a dream with Oracle. You get daily MRP snapshots and real-time updates, so you can kiss those frequent Oracle logins goodbye. The Portus interface makes getting the data you need a snap. We’ve even added features like the buyer workbench, where you can see all your open action items, details on confirmed and past-due purchase orders, and more—all in one place. No more downloading reports or messing with Excel filters. In a nutshell, Portus streamlines your processes, offers real-time data access, and sports a user-friendly interface. It’s your secret weapon for business success.

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