Robert Sunsdahl and Anderson Dahlen Testimonials

“In our line of work, real-time data with drill-down capabilities for in-depth analysis is essential. Unfortunately, most products we’ve explored fall short in this area, but Portus stands out.”

“Our teams now have easy access to the information they need, all in one place, and it’s efficient. We collaborated with Portus to develop key metrics that drive our daily operations, including labor efficiency, direct versus indirect hours reporting, and executive metrics for our leadership teams.”

“Portus has been instrumental in implementing the product, creating new reports and screens, and training our teams. Their commitment to working closely with end-users to maximize the product’s benefits is exceptional.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Portus above all other metric reporting products I’ve encountered in my 28+ years of managing and administering ERP systems. Any company seeking a metric reporting tool should reach out to Portus for a demo. You’ll quickly realize that few products offer the metric reporting and drill-through capabilities that Portus does.”

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