Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Portus? Here are some answers.

The first thing to note is that Portus has immediate time to value. You do not wait for your analytics to improve after some amount of time and investment. You get hundreds of interactive, drill down reports providing you real time insights into your business immediately after installation.
We also have many happy customers that will tell you that Portus pays for itself immediately by providing the following key benefits:

  • Productivity –Portus provides immediate and dramatic productivity improvements in two distinct areas.
    1. First, it makes all of your users that routinely have to query your business systems for information much more efficient. We have done time and motion studies that show that using Portus is between 20x and 100x faster than using standard ERP functionality to accomplish everyday query and reporting tasks that may be conducted hundreds or thousands of times a day in your business. When employees get to the information that they need faster and are able to drill down into more details as necessary they are much more efficient. You will see dramatic productivity improvements in analytically intensive job functions such as purchasing, planning, operational analysis, supply chain analysis, financial analysis and executive management.
    2. Second, Portus eliminates or greatly reduces the need/reliance on report writing resources. In many cases, the ad hoc reports have to be run manually and maintained regularly, all of which when combined with the effort to design and create them, is a productivity drain on the organization.
  • Scalability – the efficiencies derived from using Portus will allow your entire organization to focus on the job at hand rather than chasing reports and information. Ultimately this will allow you to get more done with the same resources and put your company in a better position to manage growth spurts. More importantly, we have seen with existing customers that using an advanced analytics system like Portus (especially with the optional Customer Portal module) gives your organization a reputation of being leading-edge and ultra-efficient thereby making your customers more comfortable with your ability to meet their growing needs.
  • Competitive Advantage – The improved productivity and scalability ultimately gives you tangible operational advantages over the competition and allows your organization to differentiate itself as a leading-edge company best suited to manage market requirements.
  • Improved Internal Processes – Portus provides organized work flows with continuous drill downs to turbo charge key review and control processes inside your organization. Some examples include:
    1. Bookings/Billings/Backlog Review
    2. Accounts Receivable Review
    3. Inventory Review
    4. Accounts Payable Review
    5. Job Shortage Review
    6. WIP Status Review
    7. On Time Delivery Review
    8. Supplier Performance Review

With Portus all of the information necessary to conduct these reviews is immediately available, consistently organized and presented on a real time basis. There is no preparation time needed to put Excel or PowerPoint analysis together. The entire review can be conducted using elegantly designed web pages with the ability to drill into any dynamic of interest as needed.
We have found that with Portus organizations can be much more consistent in terms of conducting key business reviews because they do not have to spend time preparing for the meetings and can focus strictly on what the analysis says and what needs to be done. Ultimately, improved internal processes will make your organization much stronger and more capable of meeting the challenges of the market.

When you put all of these factors together with the immediate time to value, the resulting ROI is “through the roof”. In short, Portus more than pays for itself immediately.

Our sales process is all about guaranteeing success, not asking for long term commitments or large upfront investments and providing real value to our customers on a continuous basis.

Before becoming a paying customer, Portus will conduct a 30 day risk free trial. This will allow you to see Portus in action with your data on a real time basis. You will also be able to validate the ease of initial set up and ease of updating the application during your trial.

After the trial, Portus will be provided on a monthly subscription basis with no term requirements. You can cancel your subscription at any time and are liable for just that month’s subscription fee.

We also can connect you with multiple existing customers that can give you a great perspective on the benefits of Portus.

Because the Portus application is deployed inside your network, your data is as secure as your most sensitive data that is stored inside your firewall. People and devices from outside of your business simply cannot access the information in Portus because they cannot access your network.

Inside your network, Portus provides an advanced administration module that allows you to control exactly what information is viewable by which user.

We have production installations of our solutions working with the following ERP systems: (Oracle EBS, Made2Manage, Expandable)

Customers who use one of these ERP platforms will benefit from the availability of a catalogue of plug and play reports and our fundamental knowledge of the underlying schema of these ERP systems.

While we have experience with these ERP platforms, our architecture and approach is portable to any business system as long as it has a structured relational database engine that we can access. We have applications deployed in production environments driving off of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. We can combine data from multiple combinations of these database engines into one integrated application.

While the Portus architecture is cloud ready, our deployment model is to have a server inside the customer’s network host our application. This approach has two main benefits:

  1. The data is fully secure as it never travels outside of the customer’s firewall.
  2. The Portus reports and analytics run extremely fast as the application is sitting on the same network as the source database.

The server requirements to host Portus are light, standards-based and inexpensive:

  • Dual or Quad Core Intel Xeon at 2.5 Ghz or higher
  • Operating System – Windows 2008 R2 or higher
  • Memory – 16 GB or higher
  • Storage – 50 GB of Storage

The initial installation will take no more than 1 hour and can be done remotely by Portus personnel with the assistance of an IT resource from the customer.

Updates to the application are accomplished through the replacement of a series of encrypted dll files. Updates to the application take five minutes or less.

On the client side, to use Portus all that is needed is a browser-enabled computing device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Portus has been tested and is fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.